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Radically boost the storage capacity of your devices with these compact devices. SD memory cards and USB thumb drives are the ultimate storage devices. Compact, durable and simple to use, few devices are more convenient than these.

The Mobile Hub stocks a range of USB thumb drives and memory cards from leading brands like SanDisk and Samsung, and Western Digital. Our stock ranges from inexpensive storage devices at 8GB - perfect for everyday document storage - all the way up to state-of-the-art 400GB memory cards suitable for use by professional photographers and videographers.

We also stock a number of USB flash drives which are compatible with smart phones. These can be used to transfer photos and documents between devices instantly.

Memory Cards from Leading Brands in Singapore: Buy SanDisk, Samsung and More

Memory cards are used for more than just physically transporting data. They are often used as a backup to store sensitive information, acting as a safeguard against computer failure. Unexpected computer malfunctions can result in the loss of important documents, pictures and files which can be impossible to recover afterwards!

The same goes for SSDs: Although they may be more reliable than hard drives, it is vital to never take chances with your files. Why trust such an important job to unreliable brands? When you buy memory cards, make sure you buy only from reputable brands such as SanDisk, Samsung and others we carry here at The Mobile Hub.

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