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The Mobile Hub exclusively supplies products that are proven to be durable and reliable. Shop with us for global, reputable brands you can trust to safely store large amounts of data, content and files at a competitive price.

We offer HDD and SSD drives at multiple capacities, ranging from 250GB up to 4TB. Ideal for various user requirements, we’re confident you’ll find your portable data storage solution here at The Mobile Hub.

Buy Your Ideal Portable Hard Disk

Portable HDDs are a secure, flexible option for those looking to transport sizable quantities of data. Operating on a plug-and-play basis, these convenient devices can be plugged into computers and laptops for universal accessibility across different operating systems.

With automatic backup functionality set to a schedule of your choosing, you’ll never need to fear unexpected data loss. Because they operate separately to internal hard drives, buying a portable hard disk can also bolster your online security. Their external status renders these devices invulnerable to attacks from malicious viruses and malware found online.

Buy Samsung SSD Online From Singapore

Solid state drives (SSDs) are a lightweight yet durable portable data storage choice. With lightning-fast loading speeds and no moving parts to weigh them down, SSDs are steadily growing in consumer popularity. They also feature compact sizing and light weight for maximum portability and unbeatable buyer convenience.

Samsung in particular has positioned itself at the forefront of advances in the computing field, with their SSD drives pushing the limits of current tech possibilities. Renowned throughout Singapore and the world, The Mobile Hub is proud to be a trusted supplier of Samsung SSD technology.

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