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Where To Buy Body Composition Scales in Singapore?

What is a body composition scale? These are devices that can help individuals measure their weight and body composition at home. Body composition, unlike weight, refers to the relative percentages of fat and muscle in the body. A body composition scale can be incredibly useful for those who are looking to track their overall health and work on a fitness plan.

If you are working towards a long-term fitness goal, a body composition scale can come in handy in monitoring and helping you manage your milestones over a period of time. Having one at home makes this much more convenient. Unlike a regular weighing scale, body composition scales can give you detailed information about your body weight. They can offer rough estimates that are useful in overall effective tracking methods for a personal weight management program. Once you understand your body composition, improving your health and losing weight becomes a more manageable task.

Where to buy a body composition scale in Singapore? The Mobile Hub carries it! You don’t have to search far and wide with our offerings online.

Our body composition scale helps keep you on track to achieving your health and fitness goals. With a comparable estimate of your body composition, you can quantify your goals better. This scale measures body weight, BMI, body fat, water, muscle, calorie, visceral fat along with protein levels - all against your age and recommended percentages.

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Supported with Bluetooth technology, our scale is a quality product in the market for weight management tools. It can also sync data into your Apple Health or Google Fit features or at its own APP. When you buy our body composition scale, you are essentially getting a whole lot of value for money. Check out our other lifestyle products here.

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