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This four port multi purpose Type-C USB Hub is a highly useful 5V micro USB port which has the ability to run several functions at the same time. Powered by an external power supply, this Type-C USB Hub is able to operate at higher speeds and with better stability as compared to those that are powered by the PC or laptop it is plugged into. This particular Type-C USB Hub also comes with a variety of data cable lengths that can be used according to your requirements, from short distance data travel when used with mobile devices to long distance data travel when used with desktop PCs and printers, it is able to do it all. 

Stylishly Designed

Available in either White or Black, this Type-C USB Hub features a fine finish and a robust design that is able to tolerate multiple usage without the worry of scratching or breaking it. A very sleek looking gadget, this Type-C USB Hub will definitely go well with the other cool and sleek looking computing devices on your work desk. The built-in LED indicator of this product also adds to the beauty of the device and its workability. In addition, it is also compact in size, very portable, and can be easily plugged to any device of choice.

Multiple Uses

Suitable for most USB 3.0/2.0 devices, this Type-C USB Hub not only is able to work as a data transmitting hub, it can also be used as a four port device charger, which means you can charge up to four devices of your choice. If you have a mobile phone, a smart watch, a power bank, and a MP3 Player that needs charging simultaneously, this Type-C USB Hub is definitely the perfect choice for you!

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