X4T Bluetooth Wireless Twin Mini Earbuds Earpiece Headset

S$ 59.90








- Wireless binaural stereo, left and right ear channel separation, HIFI sound
- Left and right ears can be used separately (mono), can also be used in pairs (stereo)
- Diameter of only 18.5mm
- CSR Bluetooth solution, dual-mode Bluetooth version 4.2, using 2.4GHZ Bluetooth band
- Left and right ears are built 85mAh exclusive custom steel explosion-proof rechargeable lithium battery
- dedicated magnetic charging base, built-in 5200 mAh polymer lithium battery
- Bluetooth distance: Barrier-free 360 ° arbitrary angle of about 10 meters
- Endurance ability: single ear continuous listening to songs up to 5-6 hours, two ears continuous listening up to 3-4 hours
- Built-in high sensitivity (-38db) microphone
- 8mm exclusive custom full frequency dynamic speaker unit
- Built-in CVC6.0 noise cancellation technology to provide a quiet call effect
- 1 drag 2 function, can connect two mobile phones at the same time

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