Remax RB-T18 Bluetooth Mini Earpiece Headset Handsfree for iPhone Samsung Xiaomi Sony

S$ 15.90


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1. Mini light Bluetooth headset
Weigh about 6g for a long time to wear, light and comfortable to get rid of the shackles completely

2. Acoustic echo processing
Effective separation of speakers before and after the sound waves and sound interference
Coupled with the wonderful acoustic echo processing, so that you set a clear and wonderful picture of the sound world

3. Ergonomic design
Dispersed by hanging ears and support points
The weight of the earphone hanging on the ear greatly reduces the pressure on the ear.

4. 4.1 bluetooth chip
To provide you with stable wireless communication sound quality

5. Usage: music, phone call,play game.

6. cPower:Play time: about 3H/Standby time: 72hrs/Charging time: 2H

7. Comfortable
Skin-friendly material silicone ear hook
According to different ear free adjustment
Comfortable to wear for a long time is not easy to fall off

8. HD call microphone
Can effectively reduce the ambient noise to achieve high-definition call
The perfect voice to keep the original sound quality so that each other can quickly identify people

9. Convenient One-key Design: just one-key to handle calls and enjoy music,Hands-free calling, incoming calls prompt, all your needs could be satisfied

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