Orico Hard Disk Drive Docking Station 6228US3 Dual Bay Slot SSD HDD SATA USB 3.0

S$ 49.90

Standalone clone

Support standalone clone, no need to connect with computer, which is more convenient.Built-in indicator and prompt tone to show the progress of clone.

Three ways to use, solve your problems

Wide compatibility, meet all your needs

Support Windows/Linux/Mac and other major systems on the market, and it is applicable to computer, smart TV, PS4 and etc.

Original chip, excellent performance

Original controller and years experience of designing storage devices make it stable. Support 8TB single disk storage; Designed with overload detection and multiple protections, keep your data safe.

Upgraded power supply, much more stable

Higher power, beautiful appearance

Vertical heat dissipation

Tool-free, easy to plug
Vertical heat dissipation, convenient to plug, no over heat, more smooth.


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