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Make your life just that little bit easier and buy from our wide range of portable hard disks, SSD, mobile accessories, electronic gadgets and general accessories. These high-quality accessories are light and easy to travel with, so whether you want to combine function and convenience with a wireless keyboard or invest in a slimline scale to weigh your luggage, The Mobile Hub has something to suit your needs.


Extendable monopods for Apple and Samsung phones

Find your perfect camera angle with these fantastic purpose built products. The selfie monopod has forever changed the look of our Instagram feeds and now this handy invention has been taken to the next level with the extendable monopod for both Apple and Samsung phones. Available in a range of great colours, these monopods safely grip your phone in an adjustable vice and can be extended from 235-1005 mm out in front of you to capture the rest of the scenery. Perhaps the biggest advantage of choosing these extendable monopods lies in the inbuilt Bluetooth technology, which allows you to take pictures by pressing a button on the handle of the monopod rather than by using the timer on your phone.


Top quality foldable portable laptop tables in Singapore

No one has room for desktop computers anymore, so why do we still need large computer desks? Our foldable laptop tables are suitable for laptops and tablets and are comfortable for all users, both young and old. They are built to be light and convenient, meaning that they are easy to set up or put away, helping you to use your limited space more efficiently. The foldable laptop tables are so light that you can even easily take them out of the house if you need an extra table for a picnic.


The trendiest accessories on the market

No matter what you are after — including portable hard disks, SSD, high quality headsets, alarm clocks, keyboards or even tea or fruit infusers — we have everything you need at a great price. Looking for something in particular? Get in touch with us and see if we can help.

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