Bluedio UFO Premium Flagship Bluetooth Headphone Headset Earpiece

S$ 159.90


We are the Official Bluedio Authorized Distributor in Singapore

UFO, the flagship model by Bluedio, is first and foremost committed to one thing: the superb sound, achieved by new technical innovations: Bluedio exclusive PPS 8 technology, built-in 3D DSP processor and 24-bit high-speed signal processing. Furthermore, UFO is beautifully crafted with the top-notch aviation material: Al-Ti alloy, sturdy enough to be unbreakable and durable with extreme lightweight. And its incredible power is enhanced by the Latest Bluetooth 4.1 chip: continuous music playing time is up to 25 hours. Altogether, Bluedio UFO redefines what reference-level wireless audio is all about.


1. PPS 8 Exclusive Acoustics Technology

Want your music to be deep, powerful and balanced? Bluedio exclusive PPS 8 technology makes it come true. With the new innovative 8-driver design, every frequency is accurately reproduced for a full-range listening experience.

2. 3D Surround Effect

Dramatically enhancing your music doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply turn on the 3D surround effect, you'll experience something entirely new—a virtual 360° surround sound from the built-in 3D DSP processor, as if in a concert hall.

3. 24-bit High Fidelity

Optimized for high-fidelity sound, the high-resolution Bluetooth decoder achieves a remarkable new level of speed: up to 24-bit signal processing. It helps reproduce abundant details, let you hear new details and nuances even in your most-played favorites.


4. Top Al-Ti Alloy Aviation Material

UFO is beautifully crafted with the top-notch aviation material: Al-Ti alloy, which features high strength performance with extreme lightweight (just 337g).Unbreakable, durable and drop resistant. Absolutely secure.


5. Latest Bluetooth 4.1 Chip

The Bluetooth 4.1 is the latest version released from SIG, vastly improved in energy savings. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery charges in just 3 hours with the included USB cable, and delivers up to 25 hours playing time per charge.

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