Bluedio Air Style Twistable Bluetooth Headphone 3D Sound

S$ 79.90


Bluedio Air

We know you are particular about headphones: you want them to be outstanding in performance, also to be stylish in look. But we’re bold enough to take this challenge, and Bluedio A comes along. Our Bluedio A (Air) wireless headphones deliver your music with incredible depth and clarity, and get you noticed with stylish look

1. Just for style

Every detail was carefully considered, the sleek curves, the oval earcups, the vivid patterns: through the stylish printing process of HTP ( Heat Transfer Printing ), just for those who’re looking for style.

2. Hear the difference

The drivers are engineered to deliver strong and deep bass, without compromising the clarity: thanks to our exclusive technology of HD Diaphragm. Hear the difference even in your favorites.

3. 3D on for a live experience

Once the 3D Sound is turned on, the DSP software will execute a proprietary algorithm, to extend the traditional sound field in two dimensions. Immerse you in sound all around.

4. Twistable, flexible and comfortable

The headband isn’t simply twistable, it’s ultra-flexible to reduce the wearing pressure, together with the pivoting earcups and soft padding to create a custom fit.

5.Latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology

The Latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology is remarkably power efficient, on a full charge, the built-in battery can last up to 20 hours. Your favorites just keep going and going.

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